Reorganization of company GÜNTHER


STG Germany GmbH was founded in January 2004 to take over the

business from the former - W. Günther GmbH.




Managing Director is Mr Helmuth Heidenwolf.






Structure of the new STG Group

The new company took over the complete production equipment in Nürnberg,
the customers as well as the patents and is entitled to use the GÜNTHER® trademark.
Furthermore STG bought the shares of the production company Bachem KG in Berlin.



STG established a new production unit in Romania by transferring the Nürnberg equipments.
In Germany STG’s distribution and R&D units are located in Nürnberg .




  1. The new company structure results in lower production costs.

  2. Investments are continuously made for the development of new products
    and more customized products.

  3. The research & development department has been disregarded for years
    and will now strongly be enforced.

    A group of engineers has been employed in Romania.